Deadgirl in the Water

Here's a fantastic little horror film I saw at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2008, it showed to a pumped up crowd and blew them away. Nasty, shocking, scary, subversive, hilarious.

Deadgirl is about a couple of horny teenage boys who stumble across a naked living dead woman chained to a table in an abandoned mental institute. Do they run and tell the cops or are they tempted to have a little "fun" with her?
When I saw this film I thought it was the new Saw, in the fact that it was a nasty little low budget horror film that would usually be left straight to DVD but somehow got to the masses and became a cultural phenomenon. Not so, it went straight to DVD (in the UK and Ireland anyway) and despite being now available readily online and in HMV and having advertisements in Empire and Bizarre, I've yet to read an article about it or a review not online. Which is weird, this film at least raises some controversial issues and has a eye catching plot... it's about raping a zombie sex slave! How can you not write about that?

The film plays out straight faced but with some tongue in cheek, it makes some of the most inappropriate jokes and some off the wall stuff happens, yet it's ever so believable. And it also bravely has no good guys, everyone in this film is morally challenged even the guys who think they're good, aren't.

So gather some unsuspecting people pick up the DVD, turn off the lights and watch one of the most original horror films of the decade.

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